Perhatian!! isi kandungan ini byk yg xbaik dr yg baik. Be careful!!!

Why I should move from my current rental house?

1. I need to walk a long distance.

For the first time I am here, that kakak said that the bus stand is just behind this place (Alaa, blakang ni je), I can get a shortcut to go there. Hurm…you know what? I have to walk 15-20 minutes in order to reach that bus station. And of course my body is sweating just like I am jogging for 2km. Huh!!! Supposedly, you will have a fresh body to go work right? May be, for 2 months is okay. But, in the month of 3rd, I feel like @$%$%&^@....

Another story to tell you that I need to walk about 25-30 minutes to go home. Huh, after a tired day of work, plus traffic jam (LDP is always jam), then I need to walk again? Lately, I go home by taxi since I feel so tired to walk home and it’s already dark and I’m afraid to go home alone. Is this what you mean “dekat je”? You are liar.

2. I don’t like ‘bukan muhrim’ guy in the house.

That kakak said that her boypren will eat in the house. Okay, I just think that he will just eating (bape lama sgt la kalo mkn tu kan, pas mkn dia balik la tu). Unfortunately, until 12am he still there, in front of the TV. It happened not once okeyh. Some other time, her boypren go back at 3 o’clock in the morning. (Tak manis rasanya ada lelaki bukan muhrim ada dlm umah pompuan yg lom kahwin). Most importantly, I feel so uncomfortable with this situation. (Yela, tgh mata terpisat2 nk g toilet tetiba je kna msuk bilik smula, pkai pakaian yg tutup aurat siap tudungnya skali).

Today (23/10 around 9.00pm), her brother sleeps here, in this house. She not even says a word to me. “RESPECT OTHERS, BEFORE OTHERS RESPECT YOU”. I am not muhrim to your brother.

3. I hate the darkness.

Firstly, there is no light in the toilet. Almost 2 months my friend and I have to face the darkness while we are in the toilet. After 2 months, I can switch on the light perfectly without any disappointment (Of course after you change the lamp). Secondly, I cannot open the light in my room. Now, it almost 3 weeks I am in the dark in my own room. So, I need to iron my clothes outside of the room. (Aku bayar deposit terlebih2 kot, ape gune bayaran maintenance pn mahal, tp aku masih dalam kegelapan lagi smpai sekarang ). For your information, I also cannot sleep so well when I am in the darkness. I am afraid of the dark. Do you care my dear housemate?

Post after her boypren cube btol2kn lampu. Not enough langsung okeyh, since

there is no light comes out from the lamp.

4. I really care about my safety.

One month ago, there are 2 black guys block my way to my house. So scary. After that moment, my roommate and I will go home together. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, the outsiders are fighting each other. Some other time, they are fighting from 12.30am to 3.30am. Of course I feel so scared since I am alone in the house. The guard and security also can do nothing. I do not know my neighbors. What happened if something happened to me? In the morning, you will see alcohol bottles everywhere. Who will protect me when I in need?

5. Your ‘mulut laser’ is breaking my heart.

- “Blajar je tinggi2, tp xtau masak”. [Time aku masak, hang bkn ada rumah pon. Pastu, ape yg aku masak, hang bkn makan pn nnt kan. Sayur itu xmkn, sayur ini xmkan. Aku nk msk itu tp hang ckp xmkn, so mlasla aku nk masak. Hang penah rasa aku masak tomyam/ asam pedas/ lemak cilia api/ sup? Kalo sayur tu, xyah ckp r, hang xmkn sayur pn. Yup, aku xtau masak ikut selera tekak hang. Aku suka masak ape yg aku tau je. Yang xtau tu, aku akan blajar jugak nnt. Blog ni akan jadi blog mknan lak nnt.]

- “Blajar je tgi2 tp bodoh”. [For your information, I never said that word to anybody. You said loudly in the Facebook, and I just keep quiet.]

- “Plz go away”. [If you want to throw me away, please don’t say it loudly in the Facebook. Because I never say anything bad about you in Facebook. Since I am human, and I cannot keep my emotion any longer, than I publish it in my blog. Satisfied? You do everything you like without thinking about others feeling. You are afraid to tell me since I pay more than enough for our deposit right (just my own thought). You said that because you cannot do anything that you like in the house right (bring your guy inside the house).]

Post after we have confirmed to move from that house.

6. I want my own privacy.

Don’t you ever shout my name in the morning every Saturday and Sunday because it is my precious time to do my work (because I really love to learn about my job) or something else. You shout it loudly (with a full of volume) and repeatedly just like it is urgent (but it is just a joke)eventhough I already reply it until I said, “kak, sabar ek”.

Six is enough for now since I feel so tired to type about this thing. Actually there are more than six but I don’t want to say it in public. I just write it in my black diary, a gift from Pa’ie.

Nota tambahan 1 on 24/10 at 4.30pm.

FYI, there is a girl I met a long time ago at Kelana Putri Condominium who wants to move to a closer place to Taylor College and I already recommend her to rent this house since I have to move to another house. I gave her my phone number but I not take her number. Luckily, today she asks me to go out with her for a while. I went to see her and apologize to her about the rental house. Since that kakak don’t want to talk with me and ignore me just like I am invisible, I recommend her to go to Desa Mentari. (Xdela, susah lak kan…kalo ckp2 rupanya xberjawab cam ckp ngn tunggul kayu, malas den nk layan).

Nota tambahan 2 on 25/10 at 12.00pm.

Hahaha...xsempat den nk print screen smua benda yg dia post kt FB, knonnya nk tunjukkn ketidakpuasan hati la tu. Tahu knp? Sbb dia da delete sy dr FB dia. Hahaha... By the way, dia delete tu ada sbb tau...nk tahu?

Mestila sbb hal mlm td dia da bengang kt cheq ni. Cheq sound direct koot. Cheq gtau dia lagu ni...."kak, kalo dia msuk gtau la, op tgh xtutup aurat"...Woo...gue sgt pentingkan aurat wooo... Maklumlah, pintu bilik terbuka luas nk dapatkn cahaya luar. Biasa pandai lak ckp kalo boypren nk msuk umah. Xkn mlam td tetiba leh ter"b@&@#" lak kaaan.

Haaaa.....I feel so lega la after I writing it all here.

Opieee....plz istighfar banyak2...okeyh



wuu. sangat susah sebenarnya nak carik housemate yang best. All the best Opie. insyaAllah ada tu nanti. bila target nak pindah?

thanx taro....

target jumaat or sabtu kalo dpt pindah hari ni gak...lg la best...

nant kalo da upload gambar terbaru kt flickr, kasi tau sama saya....

kim salam cium muah3x kat ziyyad...

huhu...opie keje area sana..kalau area KL bleh je duk ngan kakak dayah..bilik dayah kosong kat Pandan Jaya and kakak pun duk sorang je since dah pindah balik mukzam.

Tapi kan..

mmg cap ayam la otak kakak rumah sewa opie tu. Penat-penat mak ayah sekolahkan bagi orang yang baik beriman berotak..tapi jadi cm gitu plak. Privacy die nak orang jaga..privacy orang x reti plak nak kire. Itu nama nye tak bertamadun namenye.

eh? I plak yang emo emo emo.haha.

All the best for you opie!

tq dayah...

alhamdulillah...stakat ni ape yg termampu, hanya bersbar...ade hikmahnya bersbar ni....

may b Allah nk hadiahkn pelangi selepas hujan utk sy...insyaAllah....

agak lah! i bace pun i emo okay... elok2 dah habes minggu emo,, i jadik emo balik. hahahha... :P

tabah kan hati opi!

oh my dear opie.. lame asma' x dgr citer..
so sorry x cntct lm da..
opie..sabar ye..
asma' pn emo gak bace..gerammm!!!
opie, take care ye..
so scary part black ppl tuh..
owez baca doa ye dear..

Faiza : thanx jgn emo2 paie...op da ok da...da slamat pindah umah pon...xpela, setiap apa yg berlaku ada hikmahnya...cuma op nk igtkn kawan2...dunia luar xspt yg kita jangkakn...benda ni semua ajar op utk lbih mengingatiNya dan lebih bersbar.

Dear Asma' : sabar asma'...insyaAllah ada jln keluar. black ppl tu op xleh nk ckp apela...dlm uni kita diorg still ok lg...yg kt luar je ni yg payah skit....insyaAllah lpas ni kna lebih berhati2 n mulut xleh lekang ngn sebutan kalimah suci...hidup op pn da lebih tenang skang nih.... :) InsyaAllah, Allah always by your side...

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