Hurm...I think it is difficult to me. But it's already happened to me this morning in my office. All computers cannot access to the Internet. Arghhhh.....what should I do?

Usually I arrived at my office at 8.45A.m. The first thing I will do is checking all my e-mail ssince during the working hours, I cannot accessing social networking, Youtube, Yahoo mail, Gmail etc. I just can use one hour lunch break to check my e-mail. So, I decided to eat in the office in order to check all my e-mails...huh, so many e-mail accounts huh~. Because there is no internet connection this morning, I just go into the system to test and do some documentation.

By the way, I need to use company laptop to do another report testing for another system. Quiet frustrated when I could not find the laptop (actually, big boss took the laptop yesterday without telling me). Huhu~...I need to finish the report today by hook or by crook. That'ss why I go back quiet late today...

Huh~ feel so tired...working without entertainment...writing documentations...testing sytems...sitting all the time in front of the computer...and no exercise at all. of the staff ask me to translate Malay word to English word. Without any further due, I just ask him to go to Google Translate. Suddenly, he is laughing...and I realized that no internet connection this morning. Opsss! So sorry... I have many works at that time, so I just ask him to Google. Luckily he is new staff in the company, so I not feel so bad...hikhikhik.

You know what...Now, I am a 2nd hand smoker.

It really makes me sick...

Haish...skarang pn da selsema plus sakit tekak plus pening kepala. Kekadang rasa tekak kering pn ada. Hish...bahaya ni.

Sy nk stop jd 2nd hand smoker...plz laaa. Plz la 1st hand smoker stop merokok dlu, baru sy leh berhenti gak.

Sbb? sbb ada kamu yg bernama 1st hand smoker la sy leh jd 2nd hand smoker.

Sakit paru2 sy taw...

Bygkanla...kalo dlu msa dlm lab, ada sesape yg bru lpas mrokok pn, sy da rsa pening n rsa xleh bernafas. Inikan pula 2-3 org yg merokok berhampiran yg amat sgt dgn sy. Lagi2 dlm bilik yg tertutup dan ber-aircond.

Huiyooo...nk solat pn, baju bau rokok.

Nk lari ke mana lg? Sy xde tmpt lain da nk lari.

Sakit...pening...batuk, tiada siapa yg peduli. Malah dibiarkan saja sy jd 2nd hand smoker.

Sy xtahan...

Sy btol2 xtahan....

Bkn setakat sy je...kwn2 sperjuangn sy yg berdua tu pn sakit gak...KAMI XSIHAT.

Hari ini adalah hari kemuncaknya dimana kesakitan mula menyerang sy...

Sy sakit kpala...selsema...tekak sakit n kering...tulang belakang sy rasa sakit...mata sy rasa perit dan berair.

Bergelen2 air sy minum. Syla org yg paling byk minum air kat pantry n of cozla sy yg slalu gak g toilet.

Sy xtaw ape da jd kat paru2 sy skang ni.

Gambar2 kat kotak rokok tu da ckup menakutkan sy. Lg2 utk 2nd hand smoker cam sy ni.

Trus trang sy katakan... SY XLEH TAHAN DA.

Sbb tu sy sanggup buka kipas bila diorg da mula nk merokok. Taw2 je la sy ni xsuke sejuk. Tp, atas sbb nk elak jd 2nd hand smoker, sy tahankan juga. Kekadang sy saje dok kat toilet memandangkan bau toilet lg fresh (ops! of coz la toilet bersih...ok).

Kpd siapa lg sy nk mengadu?

Sy ni bdk praktikal je. Kwn2 sy pn sama. Kami nk hidup secara sihat. X boleh kah?


What is second-hand smoke?

Second-hand smoke is the smoke from a burning cigarette, pipe or cigar. It is also the smoke exhaled by a smoker.

When a person smokes near you, you breathe in second-hand smoke. Many of us breathe it in whether we know it or not, in public places, around doorways of buildings and at work. When someone smokes inside a home or car, everyone inside breathes second-hand smoke.

Cigarettes produce about 12 minutes of smoke, yet the smoker may inhale only 30 seconds of smoke from their cigarette. The rest of the smoke lingers in the air for non-smokers and smokers to breathe. Second-hand smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals. Many of these chemicals are known to cause cancer. Chemicals found in second-hand smoke include:

  • carbon monoxide (found in your car’s exhaust)
  • ammonia (found in window cleaners)
  • cadmium (found in batteries)
  • arsenic (found in rat poison)

Each year, more than 1000 non-smoking Canadians die from second-hand smoke.

Children, pregnant women, older people and people with heart or breathing problems should be especially careful to avoid second-hand smoke.

Second-hand smoke can make you sick

No amount of second-hand smoke is safe.

Second-hand smoke causes sore eyes and throat, nasal irritation, headaches, coughing and wheezing, nausea and dizziness. Breathing in second-hand smoke can also make allergies worse, trigger asthma attacks and increase your chances of getting bronchitis and pneumonia.

If you have been exposed to second-hand smoke for a long time, you are more likely to develop and die from heart problems, breathing problems and lung cancer. Exposure to second-hand smoke also increases your risk of cancers of the larynx and pharynx.

Research also shows that there may be a link between second-hand smoke and breast cancer risk.


Cam same je kan simptom2 yg sy dpt ngn ape yg article kt atas ni gtau. Tp, ape yg mampu sy lakukan. Doa je la bebyk kan.

Tiap2 kali msuk akan berdoa : "Ya Allah, kurniakanlah hambaMu yg lemah ini kesabaran dan kekuatan yg tinggi dalam menghadapi perokok2 itu..."