Hurm...I think it is difficult to me. But it's already happened to me this morning in my office. All computers cannot access to the Internet. Arghhhh.....what should I do?

Usually I arrived at my office at 8.45A.m. The first thing I will do is checking all my e-mail ssince during the working hours, I cannot accessing social networking, Youtube, Yahoo mail, Gmail etc. I just can use one hour lunch break to check my e-mail. So, I decided to eat in the office in order to check all my e-mails...huh, so many e-mail accounts huh~. Because there is no internet connection this morning, I just go into the system to test and do some documentation.

By the way, I need to use company laptop to do another report testing for another system. Quiet frustrated when I could not find the laptop (actually, big boss took the laptop yesterday without telling me). Huhu~...I need to finish the report today by hook or by crook. That'ss why I go back quiet late today...

Huh~ feel so tired...working without entertainment...writing documentations...testing sytems...sitting all the time in front of the computer...and no exercise at all. of the staff ask me to translate Malay word to English word. Without any further due, I just ask him to go to Google Translate. Suddenly, he is laughing...and I realized that no internet connection this morning. Opsss! So sorry... I have many works at that time, so I just ask him to Google. Luckily he is new staff in the company, so I not feel so bad...hikhikhik.


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