Sunday comes again. As usual, I am alone again in my room. Huarggh. I hate the time when I am alone in the room. It is like I have nothing to do.. Actually, I can read something about my subject or some other materials. But, for me, eventhough I am alone in room, my heart is not feeling well on reading. Don't know why.

Just get rest and playing with my compact camera. Dreaming about to buy new camera...Nikon DSLR. I just waiting for the time to fulfill my dream. I love photography. With my olympus compact camera, there is not so much function that I can playing around like the manual camera. Uhu~.

Ohho. I got quiet a little bit shock when my new friend calling me for several times. Just imagine if it is 'him' (I need to forget him but still looking his pictures on my computer). Feel so nervous talking with him. Thank you friend. You really make my day.

Some kind what, fell the mood is growing better and better. Don't know why. Just imaginne that all my family is here with me.


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